Design AI SYstems
DAISY uses Artificial Intelligence to produce structural timber designs.
Outsource your design work to DAISY from just $59 per month.


AI powered construction
design automation.


Design I-Joist floors
with one click.


Reduce construction cost
up to 10%.

Benefits of having Daisy in your team

DAISY allows you to maximise structural design efficiency and quickly check the costs associated with timber designs.

Design Faster

Full structural design in 30 mins

Increase Productivity

Design 24/7

Reduce Cost

Reduce construction costs

Environmental Sustainability

minimise material wastage

Daisy Explained

See DAISY in Action

DAISY allows you to upload an empty floor layout and download a full, production ready structural timber floor design in under 30 minutes.

See DAISY in Action

Daisy Output

DAISY produces designs that are production ready. As an output you get a PDF with the design, a summary of all costs and components file including joist coordinates and decking sheets
Daisy Design PDF Explore Demo
Components and cost summary Explore Demo
xml file
Output into .dwg, .rvt or .dxf Explore Demo

Our Services

DAISY’s mission is to help automate the design, quotation and procurement process.
Our plans for future automation are
Floor Plan Design and Optimisation
Stair Design and Stair Opening Optimisation
Roof Plan Design and Optimisation
Wall Framing Design and Optimisation
Full Timber House Design
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Artificial Intelligence: How does it work?

DAISY uses genetic programming to find an optimal design. Using the principles of evolutionary search and natural selection, DAISY derives a more efficient solution generation by generation, until the optimum design is attained.

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Natural Evolution

Survival of the fittest principle allows species to evolve and adapt to the surrounding environment.

Design Evolution

DAISY's design evolution process uses the principles of natural evolution and genetic programming to find the 'fittest' design for any given floor layout.

Artificial Intelligence: The process of design evolution
Applying genetic programming in construction design
Initial Population of Agents

Each agent with unique traits.

Fitness Evaluation

Evaluate agents against fitness criteria (including cost and compliance checks)


Select agents to proceed to next generation.

Crossover and Mutation

Introduce diversity through crossover and mutation.


We anticipate DAISY to enable us to double our productivity whilst saving over $1M a year on construction design.

- Andy Hamilton, CEO, Staircraft Group Ltd
About Us
DAISY AI Inc. is a joint venture between Artificial Intelligence experts from Brainpool AI and construction experts from Staircraft Group Ltd.
Bartosz Neuman
Dr. Bartosz Neuman
Senior Software Engineer
Dr. Luke Whale
Technical Director
Andy Hamilton
Commercial Director
Mario Selvaraj
Mario Selvaraj
Co-founder / Head of Product at DAISY AI
Kasia Borowska
Marketing Director
Dr. Peter Bebbington
AI Director
Andrew Norris
Backend Engineer
Priyadharshini Rajaram
Frontend Engineer
Listen to Dr. Luke Whale talk about DAISY at the Industrial Wood Based Construction Conference 2020
Senior Software Engineer

This is a senior role in which the ideal candidate will be expected to manage the software development process and the work of junior engineers, and act as the interface between the code development and the business requirements as specified by commercial team members and construction design professionals.

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Software Engineer

This role will see you taking ownership of a code base which has been developed over the last decade which is used for design problems within the timber construction industry. This will primarily involve the responsibility of maintaining a mature C language application, alongside the senior members of the team. Additionally, the role will involve implementing new functionality.

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